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Robocall Companies
These are the following companies that provide robocall services.

Company Name
> DialMyCalls
> OneCallNow
> AutomatedCalls
> Call Fire
> Robo Talker
> Call-Em-All
> VoiceShot
> ClientTell
> SendCalls
> InterCloud9
> VoiceBroadcasting
> Kwik Call
> GOP Calls
> DialThemUp
> HelloHunter
> FLS Connect
> Dynamic Interactive
> RapidRing
> MyCoachesCall
> PoliticalCalling
> IfByPhone
> 2CentAutoCalls
> IVRCalls
Who Uses RoboCalls?
Political Robocalls
Politicians have been using robocalls in their political campaigns for years now. With the increasing amount of options that automated calling offers, politicians who don't use them are at an extreme disadvantage. Robocalling offers candidates to reach millions of potential voters via voice message or text message, in a matter of minutes. On top of that, campaign leaders can send out political polling calls which ask potential voters and series of questions that are answered through the phone and then the reports are sent back to the candidate.

Come election season, millions of robocalls are going to be sent out by hundreds of politician across the country. When it comes to political robocalling, there are several different "types" that can be purchased from the various provider out there. Here is a quick reference guide for when you are ready to add automated calls to your campaign:

  • Political Robocalls - A standard voice message that is recorded by the politician and sent out to millions of potential voters.

  • Push To Forward Robocalls - Campaign managers can send these calls out and they will prompt the recipient to "Press 1" if they would like to talk to a live person, regarding the politician and upcoming election.

  • Get Out The Vote Robocalls - This is a last minute reminder that is sent out to urge people to head to the polls and vote in the election.

  • Political Polls - Get a jump on your competition by sending out political polling calls that allow you to see what candidate voters are leaning towards. These types of calls will have several different options, for example: "Press 1 if you like John, Press 2 if you like Bob." Results are usually either mailed to the robocall user or displayed online via a stats page.
Whether you love them or hate them, political robocalls are here to stay and with their success rate, won't be going anywhere anytime soon.

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