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Robocall Companies
These are the following companies that provide robocall services. We've reviewed each one rating is based on service, price, usability, and more.

Company Name Rating
> DialMyCalls 21/21
> OneCallNow 21/21
> AutomatedCalls 20/21
> Call Fire 20/21
> Robo Talker 20/21
> Call-Em-All 19/21
> VoiceShot 18/21
> ClientTell 17/21
> SendCalls 15/21
> InterCloud9 15/21
> VoiceBroadcasting 14/21
> Kwik Call 14/21
> GOP Calls 13/21
> DialThemUp 12/21
> HelloHunter 12/21
> FLS Connect 11/21
> Dynamic Interactive 10/21
> RapidRing 10/21
> MyCoachesCall 9/21
> PoliticalCalling 9/21
> IfByPhone 9/21
> 2CentAutoCalls 9/21
> IVRCalls 6/21

Robo Call Laws
Robo Calls are used throughout the country by thousands of Americans but what most people don't take into consideration are the laws set in place regarding automated calling.
Important Note: Theis page is just a general guideline and are subject to change at any time. Before sending robocalls in your state you should check the current local laws or contact an attorney. We assume no responsibility in any legal issues that may arise in your sending of robocalls.

FCC Requirement for Written Consent for "Robocalls" and Autodialed Telemarketing to Cellphone Is Effective October 16, 2013.

Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) amendments are now live, the changes, effective October 16, 2013, are as follows:

Prior Express Written Consent: Unambiguous written consent required before telemarketing call or text message. Exception: calls that are manually dialed and do not contain a pre-recorded message are exempt from the TCPA.

No "Established Business Relationship" Exemption: Established business relationship no longer relieves advertisers of prior unambiguous written consent requirement.

Make sure that you use a Carrier Lookup service to remove any cell phone numbers from your phone lists before sending political robocalls. If you do have written or e-sign permission for your callees make sure that you have it stored somewhere in a safe and easy to search format.

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